Resident’s Association management software – why condominium management companies won’t cope without it in the future

The world of high-tech technology has also reached condominium management companies. Within a sea of digital options, one company has emerged with a significant and innovative solution for building management, which is going to make your life much easier.

In recent years, the demand for condominiums management companies has risen along with the significant increase in the number of residential buildings in the country.

Meanwhile, many management companies have to face various challenges in managing shared buildings such as taking care of elevators, pump rooms, water reservoirs, firefighting safety, etc. Additionally, they must ensure that the tenants are satisfied with the building’s cleanliness, fault treatment and more.

Every management company that wants to succeed in the field, from the smallest to the largest, must be in control over the most basic system in building management – the financial system based on Resident’s Association payments. Bllink’s innovative solution, a software for managing these funds, was created to address this challenge.

How will Bllink help you manage your finances?

Over the years, many technologies have emerged that have tried to help manage the finances for the Resident’s Association. The same technologies brought with them complex modules that perform periodic inspections of building systems, handling service calls, managing reports and more.

The main challenge that always remains complicated for any technology is how to handle the collection of management fees and how to track the usage. This is where Bllink enters the picture with an effective, efficient, and easy financial system that also helps the elderly who may prefer a personal touch with a caring customer service team on call to help with any issue.

Bllink is a software platform for quickly and efficiently managing Resident’s Association funds, leaving time for the Resident’s Association to handle other issues in a relaxed and timely manner.

Bllink has a personal support center that assists both tenants and Resident’s Associations in operating the technology and in making payments, so we really offer you a one-stop-shop for all your building management needs. Bllink actively collects the payments from the tenants, enables direct payment to suppliers through the system, without charging monthly fees from the management companies and doesn’t require downloading an application or registering as a user. In addition, Bllink provides a credit facility for debtors for the purpose of paying liabilities, enabling easy and convenient financial management for companies that manage shared buildings.

Today, thanks to Bllink, it is easier to manage shared buildings – you are not alone.

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