Vielight Inc. is leading the field of brain photobiomodulation (PBM) technology. We combine science with engineering ingenuity to develop devices that incorporate noninvasive methods of delivering the nurturing energy of red and near-infrared (NIR) light to the brain and the body.

Our mission is to engineer photobiomodulation devices that are safe and effective, easy to use and affordable — all to truly help improve one’s quality of life. The Vielight story started in 1995, when Lew Lim and his colleagues at Silicon Valley invented intranasal photobiomodulation as a noninvasive method of delivering the therapeutic energy of red and NIR light into the human body.

The research and development continued throughout the next decade before Vielight Inc. was founded to commercialize the invention. Officially incorporated in Canada in 2011, Vielight Inc. has since evolved into a formidable team of engineers, scientists and business professionals dedicated to making PBM technology accessible to as many people as possible. Vielight’s footprint currently covers North America, Europe, Australia and other markets. At the end of 2015, results from the initial pilot study conducted in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine warranted further investment and grants for bigger upcoming clinical trials approved by the FDA and Health Canada. Since then, the research and clinical trials designed to investigate our PBM devices for various applications are ongoing. Today Vielight produces PBM devices that employ our patented intranasal and transcranial PBM technologies. All Vielight PBM devices are classified as general wellness devices.

We research new opportunities to expand our range of solutions. We collaborate with world-renowned research institutions in the field of photobiomodulation. Our goal is to combine the pioneering spirit with our passionate commitment to improving people’s lives by producing devices that help people.

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