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Business owners and marketing departments in organizations

The internet opens up new opportunities for businesses to reach their target audiences in a precise and relatively affordable way. Don’t miss the opportunity to present your product or your services to your target audiences just how you would like to present them.


  • Direct and precise access to your target audiences
  • Access to members of the media, news magazines, bloggers, and influencers
  • Effective visibility of your brand
  • Driving web traffic to your website
  • Creating a compelling first impression
  • Building links to your website and strengthening your presence in search engine results
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the activities

Public relations companies

Leverage your ability to give your customers a better product by reaching out to new contacts and publication sources. We can open up new capabilities for your business through exposure on the internet and outside Israel.


  • Integration of international digital activity into your product mix
  • Access to members of the media, news magazines, bloggers, and influencers
  • Utilizing our media coverage to reach thousands of people interested in Israeli high-tech
  • Hosting public relations articles for your customer on our website and establishing rankings for your customer in the search results

Internet and social media marketing experts

Leverage the presence of your customers on the internet, get new channels of exposure, and drive additional sources of traffic to your customers’ websites. Our distribution network will help you reach members of the media, industry-specific journalists, magazines, bloggers, and influencers that you don’t usually have access to. Improve your ability to generate shared exposure across social media networks. Going viral is simpler than ever through our distribution network.


  • More visibility of your brand on the internet
  • Driving additional sources of website traffic to the customer’s site
  • Growing your bank of quality leads and improving sales
  • Showing fast results for your customer by ensuring their presence in various high-quality online sources
  • Leveraging exposure and viral activity on social media

SEO experts

Generate more visibility of your customer’s brand in the search results and build quality links to the customer’s site quickly and effectively.


  • Significant presence of the customer in search engines
  • Building natural links to the customer’s website
  • Improving the customer’s website rankings in search engines
  • Increasing your brand visibility and search engine results

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