How Bllink supports the collection of Building Management fees

The construction industry is characterized by exceptionally high growth in recent years, with the addition of thousands of new housing units. There is often much frustration in managing the payments to the Resident’s Association and the day-to-day maintenance of the buildings.

Precisely for this reason, innovative technology has emerged to ease the complex relationship between the Resident’s Association and the tenants, from a financial perspective. Bllink’s digital wallet enables fast, efficient collection and high-quality supervision of the building’s joint cash register.

How does the Resident’s Association payments collection work with Bllink?

Everyone knows how complex financial management can be when it comes to Resident’s Association relations with the rest of the tenants. If you are on the housing committee, you have probably faced opposition to the cost of these funds as well as tenants who struggle to pay.

Bllink’s automated system enables tenants to pay the Resident’s Association digitally, using a credit card or direct debit in a single step from anywhere at any time; a monthly deducted standing order can also be set up as part of the automated payment schedule.

Our computerized system detects tenants who have not made a payment or who are late in transferring the funds and sends them automated reminders so that the Resident’s Association does not have to “chase” after the tenants.

Bllinks management platform works like a digital wallet, and allows a line of credit for tenants, flexibility in payments, ease of payment to suppliers plus documented and easy management of all financial activities.

Through our innovative automated tools, Bllink’s technology enables you to save valuable time and resources while helping avoid conflicts with tenants due to financial issues.

Bllink’s innovative digital software provides you with a real-time personal support system that helps users who are less comfortable with technology and who prefer the human touch.

The fact that you volunteered for the Resident’s Association does not mean that you have to deal with all the issues, problems, and challenges involved in this role by yourself.

We at Bllink are the perfect partner to make sure that you enjoy excellent customer service through our easily accessible and user-friendly platform that we know will leave you with a taste for more.

Contact us now for a consultation and you will find that collecting Resident’s Association payments can be as simple as ABC.

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